Selfie Control

Selfies; be informed before you use the front facing camera in a foreign country. … More Selfie Control

Indian traffic

One of my favorite things to observe the past ten days has been Indian traffic. My first taste was driving in the back of taxi in New Delhi around 8:30pm on a Friday night (akin to NYC). I was overwhelmed and scared. There were so many horns blasting, cars weaving in and out, and people … More Indian traffic

Q:What are you afraid of?  A: A lot, actually.

When I logged onto Facebook this past Monday morning I had two new messages from some IRL (in-real-life) friends. Although these friends didn’t know of each other, they were both sending messages with the same sentiments. They were both afraid. When reading their messages about why they were afraid, it came down to the fact … More Q:What are you afraid of?  A: A lot, actually.