Write, right? Right. Write!

Internal conversations

The title of this post is an internal conversation I’ve been having with myself as of late. When I am confused, scared, excited, or inspired I internalize all the feelings of those emotions. My emotional capacity is set to handle a certain amount, like a standard drinking glass and it’s ability to handle a certain amount of water . I have a set amount that I can feel and handle within a given time before the emotions start spilling over the edges of my glass.

Let my cup runneth over

Writing is my over-flow cup that I can pour as much or as many of my emotions into because writing knows no limits. Writing is the only type of bingeing that won’t make me fat, sick, or burnt-out. Writing is not just my over-flow cup, it also an important medium of artistic expression for me. Sometimes painting pictures with words makes the most sense.

Sensory Experiences

I’m a huge proponent of creating sensory experiences for people through my cooking, painting, drawing, writing, or speaking. We have the ability to touch, hear, smell, see and taste and being able to stimulate as many of those senses with a single experience is exciting to me. Sensory experiences make us feel alive. Feeling alive is the essence of living.To conclude this post I leave you with a short poem I wrote that encapsulates my relationship with writing. When I was a child I wrote to survive Now I am an adult and I write to feel alive. ——— Write, right? Right. Write!

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